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International Journal of Applied Home Science-Volume 2 Issue 3 & 4 (March, & Apr., 2015)

 International Journal of Applied Home Science                                 Vol. 2 (3&4), March & April (2015)


Research Article

Development of Kasuti emproidery motifs in knitted Kurties through CAD


K. Kaur and D. Kaur

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Assessment of menopausal symptoms in perimenopause and postmenopausal working women (above 40 years) in Urban area of Jammu city


Nirojini Bhat Bhan, Guneet Kour and Farhat Masoodi

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Effect of household processing on reduction of pesticide residues in bitter gourd (Momordica charantia)


Hasmukh Joshi, Neha Thanki and Praful Joshi

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A study on spatial parameters of Indian classrooms


Purva Jaggi

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Mother’s perception of father’s involvement in child care


M. Dhrakshayani

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Development and comparative nutritional analysis of Spirulina fortified cookies for malnourished children and women


Ammatul Fatima and Sangita Srivastava

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Review Article 

Environment protection movements in India


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Swetabahen Mesaria and Neerja Jaiswal
A critical review on importance of green leafy vegetables


S. Banerjee, A. Joglekar and M. Mishra

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Journey of double cloth across the globe


Anu Sharma, Mona Suri and Simmi Bhagat

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Existing pattern of household waste generation and its disposal pattern in rural areas


Lali Yadav, Sudesh Gandhi and Manju Mehta

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Use of CAD in development of phulkari embroidery designs for apparel


Neelam Saini and Krishna Khambra

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A Case Study

Musculoskeletal problems faced by women bank employees of Ludhiana city


Khushdeep Kaur, Harpinder Kaur and M.K. Sidhu

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