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International Journal of Applied Home Science-Volume 3 Issue 3 & 4 (March, & Apr., 2016)

International Journal of Applied Home Science                                 Vol. 3 (3&4), March & April (2016) 

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Research Article 

Awareness of beneficiaries regarding different provisions of MGNREGA act in Malwa region of Punjab 


Balwinder Kaur and Varinder Randhawa View
Mass media and body image self- esteem and eating disorder tendencies in college going girls


Anshu Johry and Sangita Srivastava View
Effectiveness of packages on anemic adolescent girls


Pragati Singh and  Upasana Singh View
Antioxidant properties of Moringa (Moringa oleifera), Adusa (Justicia adhatoda), Beetroot (Beta vulgaris L.) and cauliflower (Brassica olerace) leaves


Adya Yadav, Virginia Paul and Neelam Yadav View
Objective assessment of indoor pollution in rural and urban houses  100
 D. Kaur, M. Sidhu, N.K. Chuneja and S. Bal View
Internet addiction as a predictor of depression, anxiety and stress (Dass)  110
 Adity Jamwal, Chandra Shekhar and Neha Choudhary View
Drudgery due to agriculture works among Sirumalai tribals


P. Parimalam, G.G. Kavitha Shree and B. Nallakurumban View
Level of capacity  building of farm women of Assam  through extension services


Poree Saikia, Manju Dutta Das and  Manoshi Baruah Deka View

Review Article

Communitisation for health: The success and gaps in villages of Uttarakhand 


Neha Sharma  and Sarita Anand Full Paper
Influence of mass media on body image and self esteem and eating disorder attitudes in girls


Anshu Johry and Sangita Srivastava View
Sexual harassment: A critical analysis


Sugandha Asgola and Sukhminder Kaur View
UV ray protection property and natural dye


Minti Gogoi  and  Anumoni Gogoi View