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International Journal of Applied Social Science-Volume 4 Issue 11&12 (November & December, 2017)

International Journal of Applied Social Science                                                                                                                                                                   Vol. 4 (11 & 12), November & December (2017)

UGC Approved Journal

     Impact Factor : 4.186


Research Paper

Prevalence of malnutrition among adolescents (11-16 years): A comparative study between Government and Private Schools in Allahabad 441
Neha Bansal View
A study of religiosity and anxiety among undergraduate students (Kargil) 447
Chandra Shekhar and Zakir Hussain View
Coping with Crowding and Human Behaviour: A Study of South Delhi, India 453
Md. Karar Ahmad View
Role of social media among male and female 465
Supriya Kaushal View
Personality, loneliness and subjective well-being as predictors of problematic mobile phone usage 472
Remia Mahajan,  Richa Gupta and Arti Bakhshi View
An assessment of correlation between procurement of milk and membership with Dairy Cooperative Societies 483
M.C. Sati  and Preety Panwar  
A Case Study  
The Congress, the Self-Respecters and Anti-Untouchability Campaign in the Later Colonial Tamilnadu 490
P. Kumar View
Decentralization of powers- An affirmative action 500
Smriti Paul View
Maoist movement: As a form of tribal resistance in India (An ethnographic case study from Odisha) 510
Tirtharaj Bhoi View
Ethno-Religious Violence in Nigeria: A Major Impediment to National Integration 516
Kausar Neyazi Ansari View
Swami Vivekananda: Vedantic Philosophy and Modern Ideas 524
Md. Ayub Mallick View
Case-studies of women inmates in the prisons of Jammu and Kashmir  547
Neha Vij View
Research Article  
Comparative sensory analysis of various brands and variety of juices 552
Dipti Sharma and Preeti Kumari View
Doctor-patient relationship 557
Indira Srivastava View
Corruption in administration 562
Hardeep Kaur View
Judicial activism in India 569
Hardeep Kaur View
Political socialisation and its agents 557
Hardeep Kaur View
Exploring the Spatial Pattern of Maternal Complications in the Eastern States of India using GIS 594
Dipika Subba View
Soviet Collapse and the Evolution of New Administrative System in Dagestan 601
Vipul Kumar Vaibhav View
The Japanese-Soviet struggle for dominance over Mongolian territory (1921-36) 610
Kundan Kumar View
Changing Dimensions of India-China Relations: From Cultural Linkages to the Trade Deficit 616
Sujeet Kumar Sharma and Neetu Baghel View
Social life and activity pattern of elderly 622
Nidhi Agarwal View
Prevalence of Clinical phenotypes of celiac disease among school children (4 – 17 Years) in Sri Ganganagar District, Rajasthan, North India 628
Kamaljeet Kaur Mann View
Sustainable Development and Welfare Policies among Marginalised Mizo 640
Sharmila Purkayastha View
Lala Lajpat Rai: Education of the Depressed Classes  649 
Raj Kumar View
Begging for Inclusion: State Response to Beggary in India  656 
Mohammad Shahid Afroz View
The Myth and the Reality of Women Development through Microfinance 666
Pijush Kanti Dev View
Locating Commonalities between Idealism and Realism in Girish Karnad’s Dramatic Monologue, Flowers 675
Gurdeep Singh View
Facilitating Adolescent Ego Identity in the Context of Family Environment 682
Inderpreet Sandhu View
Arab Uprising and Its Impact 699
Ajay Kr. Upadhyay View
Ethnonationalism and Ethnogeopolitics : A Case Study of Uyghur Separatism in Xinjiang  705
D. K. Shahi View
Portrayal of Stereotypical Image of Muslims in Popular Hindi Cinema  705
Mohammad Shameem Khan View