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International Journal of Applied Social Science-Volume 5 Issue 3&4 (March & April, 2018)

International Journal of Applied Social Science                                                                                                                                                                          Vol. 5 (3&4), March & April (2018)

UGC Approved Journal

     Impact Factor : 4.186


Research Paper

Agricultural growth and productivity in India 192
A.K. Salgotra, Ajay Singh Manhas and Pawan Deep Singh View
Economic integration within SAARC with special reference to India 200
Ruby Ojha and Brakha Malyankar View
Study on the reproductive health behaviour prevalent among the tribal hamlets of Thiruvananthapuram district in Kerala 209
Deepa B. and Syamlal G.S.  View
Computerization and its impact in technical library system 217
M. Sultan Omer and M. Rafat View
Protective textiles for petrochemical industries and OEMs : A solution for providing protection, comfort and efficiency of well being 228
Kundlata Mishra and Ela Dedhia View
SWOT analysis of hand block printing cluster of Rajasthan 240
Preetika Garg and Amita Walia View
Rag picking: A factory of violations and infringement of child rights 247
Faheem Mirza and Pranali S. Indulkar View
Review Paper
An assessment of the level of political awareness and participation among the Minyongs 255
Tenong Takuk View 
Infrastructure development in Northeast, India with special reference to Arunachal Pradesh 261 
Lokam Taro View
A Case Study  
A descriptive study on people’s participation in rural development 269 
Ram Darshan View
Perception of people and role of State in the prevalence of Witchcraft: A case study on Mayong village (Assam) 275
Swobnom Saud View 
Democratic decentralization in Arunachal Pradesh: A case study of Kebang System 283 
Kamin Panyang View 
Extremism in Nagaland: A case study of NSCN (National Socialist Council of Nagaland) 292
Liong M. Phom View 
Research Article  
Role of educated females in district Kulgam (J&K) 299 
Ruhee Rashid View
Article 371A and the Special Constitutional Status of Nagaland: The Principles and Practices of Autonomy 304
David Nyekha View
India and the Wassenaar Arrangements 311 
Shameem Ahmad Mir View
Higher education in India: A critique of monitoring and evaluation 316
Simran Kang Sidhu, Shalini Sharma, Sarita Saini and Sumeet Grewal View
The power and function of National Green Tribunal: Critical analysis of select cases 328
Rupali Sharma View
Religion as Humanism: Contemporary Relevance of B.R. Ambedkar’s Buddha and his Dhamma 339
V.M. Ravi Kumar View
The politics and Economics of Demonetization: Rhetoric and Reality 346
Somesh Philem  View
Emergence of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt 355
Tuhina Gao View