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International Journal of Applied Social Science-Volume 7 Issue 5 & 6 (May & June, 2020)

International Journal of Applied Social Science

(An International Double Blind Peer Reviewed / Refereed Research Journal of Social Science)

Vol. 7 (5&6), May & June (2020)

                                                                                                     Impact Factor : 5.734                                                                                             NAAS Rating : 2.61


Research Paper

Vulnerability of Agricultural Female Labourer and Deprivation of thier Basic Labour Rights 229
Utkarsh Kumar Singh View
Availability of Primary Health Facilities in Rajasthan: Spatial Analysis 240
Tek Chand Saini View
Status of Elementary Education after RTE-Act 251
Panini Neemar  View
Nutritional Knowledge, Attitude and Practices among Mothers during Prenatal Period in Aligarh City, U.P., India 259
Anam Aftab View
Child Labour in the Tea Garden Area: A Study on Rajgarh Tea Estate, Dibrugarh 266
Gitashri Saikia View
Research Article
Condition of Women and Female Labour Force Participation Rate in Times of COVID-19 272
Akshay Agrawal View
The Lieutenant Governor of Delhi; Powers and Problems 278
Himanshi  View
Preventive Detention Laws and Violation of Human Rights in India: A Critical Analysis 282
Sushil Ranwa View
India – Afghanistan Relations in Post-Taliban Era  287
Rajan Jha View
Human Rights : A critical analysis on Gender Issues 293
Sanoj Kumar Singh View
Buddhism as Developing Paradigm of “Socio- Economic Condition of Dalit” in India 299
Rakesh Kumar  View
A Substantial Investigation of Civil and Political Rights in Mongolia 304
Sujeet Kumar Sharma View
Civil Society and its Role in Political Reforms of Mongolia 308
Santosh Kumar Jha View