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International Journal of Applied Social Science-Volume 6 Issue 11 & 12 (November & December, 2019)

International Journal of Applied Social Science                                  Vol. 6 (11&12), November & December (2019)

                                                                                                     Impact Factor : 5.734                                                                                             NAAS Rating : 2.61


Research Paper

Emotional Intelligence among Secondary School Teachers of Baramulla District (J&K) 2327
Abida Nabi View
A Study of Demographic Background of High and Low Delinquency Prone Adolescents 2332
Maria Maqbool, Nilofer Khan and N.A. Nadeem View
Inter-Conflict and Mental Health in North Kashmir – A Case Study 2338
Shazia Abdullah  View
A Comparative Study of Teacher Effectiveness among Male and Female Secondary School Teachers 2343
Abida Nabi View
Learning Styles of B.Sc. Nursing Students – A Comparative Study of Bibi Halima College of Nursing and Medical Technology Srinagar 2348
Najama Bibi and Hafiz Mudasir View
Critical Study of Social Networking and its Effect on Education System in Case of Undergraduate Students and Teachers of SGBA University, Amravati, M.S. in India 2353
Shubhangi N. Jagtap, Avinash B. Kadam and Sanjay B. Salunke View
Social Intelligence among High and Low Delinquency Prone Adolescents 2360
Maria Maqbool, Nilofer Khan and N.A. Nadeem View
A Study of Changing Inequalities in the Status of Women – A Case Study of District Baramulla 2364
Rubeena Akhter View
Learning Styles and Academic Achievement of B.Sc Nursing Students – A Comparative Study of Bibi Halima College of Nursing and Medical Technology Srinagar 2370
Najama Bibi View
The Future of Indian Handicrafts Exports to China 2374
Vaibhav Agrawal View 
A Study of Self-Efficacy and Locus of Control among Male and Female College Teachers 2381
Misha Rawal Kapoor, Ravindra Kumar and Kumkum Pareek View
Identification and Construction of Flood Disaster Resilience Index to Measure Socio-Economic Flood Resilience in Eastern Uttar Pradesh: A Inter-District Analysis 2385
Noopur Mishra and Subhkanta Mohapatra View
Research Article
International Approach to Sentencing Policies in Drug Offences: An Appraisal 2391
Yasir Latif Handoo View
Kashmir and Scarcity in Historical Perspective with Special Reference to the 19th and 1st Half of the 20th Century 2405
Danish Mehran View
Daw Nanacari (1900-1975) : The Pioneer of Modern Myanmar Thilashin, Nun 2412
Pannesi View
Land Grants and the Policy of Land Reclamation in Kashmir Valley 2419
Danish Mehran View
Role of Tribal’s in the Politics of Kashmir Valley – A Comparative Study 2424
Sabnam Qayoom View
Conflicting Roles and Academic Performance of University Female Students in Masvingo, Zimbabwe 2432
Lokadhia Manwa, Plaxcedia Mahundi and Lilian Manwa View
Lessons Not Learnt: Threat to Eighteenth Amendment and Federalism in Pakistan 2442
Mohit Sharma View
Rohingyas: World’s Most Persecuted Ethnic Minority 2453
Murshed Mussarraf Choudhury View
The Study of the Land Cover Pattern in Varanasi District Using GIS and Landscape Metrics 2461
Nitish Kumar Singh and Mahendra Singh Nathawat View
Drama Across the Civilizations: A Discussion on the Origin of English, Indian, Greek and African Drama 2467
Gurdeep Singh View
Democratic Politics in Kuwait 2472
Ajay Kr. Upadhyay View
Study of Difference between Personality and Clothing Style of College Going Females of Urban and Rural Areas 2480
Chandra Shekhar, Riffat Malik, Inderjeet Singh and Taniya Jamwal View