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International Journal of Applied Home Science-Volume 6 Issue 4&5 (April & May, 2019)

International Journal of Applied Home Science                 Vol. 6 (4&5), April & May (2019)

                                                                                                     Impact Factor : 5.486                                                                                             NAAS Rating : 3.09


Effect of structural design on the comfort properties of eri union fabrics 169
Pomima Duarah and Satvinder Kaur View
Relationship between product attachment and product retention: Reference to chair and wedding attire 175
Hriiyiphro Kayina and Sushma Goel View
Perceptions of mothers towards children usage of electronic gadgets 182
A.S.L. Sowmya and E. Manjuvani  View
An overview of workers employed in leather processing Industry 188
Iti Dubey and Meenu Srivastava View
Gender based comparison of self regulation of adolescents across socio-economic group 193
Pallavi Pandey, Anshu and Anjali Mathur View
Standardisation of Coconut water based beverage 199
V.P. Deepthy, Suma Divakar, Meena Kumari and H.L. Anila View
Reasons and cause of the female feticide in Haryana 203
Jyoti Rani, Manju Dahiya and Beena Yadav View
Assessment of nutritional status of heamodialysis patients in Raipur City 206
Arpita Soni View
Effect of stress on the health of women workers involved in garment manufacturing units 212
Nalini Chandra and Razia Parvez  View
Microbial assessment of Bhel–A popular street food of India and its comparison with homemade food 215
Daxa Jotangiya View
Importance of textiles in Hospitality Sector 218
Nidhi Vats and Anu  View
Rajasthani folk dance-Ghoomar and its Costume 224
Meenu Srivastava  View
Nutraceutical : Beneficial for human health 227
Anu and Nidhi Vats View