International Journal of Applied Social Science

(An International Double Blind Peer Reviewed / Refereed Research Journal of Social Science)

Vol. 5 (11), November (2018)

UGC Approved Journal

 Impact Factor : 5.734 (SJIF)


Research Paper Page 
A study on adjustment problems among B.Ed college students 1821
D. Vinodh Kumar and D. Angeline Thirumarai Selvi  
An economic analysis of human development in Tiruchirappalli town 1830
P. Maria Sophiya  
‘Sugarcane’ A mojor cash crops of India: A SWOT analysis 1838
Nisha Gupta  
Attitude towards using ICT in teaching and learning process among the B.Ed teacher trainees in Vellore District   1848
S. Vinoth and C. Barathi  
Working conditions of women domestic workers in Tiruchirappalli city 1857
C. Ranjitha  
New Maternity Benefit Act Implementation on Garment Industry Female Workers: An Analysis 1863
K.A. Ashok and Pallavi S. Kusugal  
Attitude in usage of internet among B.Ed teacher trainees 1870
V. Shanmuga Sundaram and C. Bharathi  
Mental health status of elder people in Lucknow city  1877
Raj Kumari Verma and Vandana Singh  
Review  Paper  
Adult buying behaviour related to mobile phones: A selective literature review 1885
Varun Agarwal and Rashmita Sahoo  
Job satisfaction and its determinants: A review paper  1897
Madhu Lika and Suresh K. Dhameja  
Women from Subordination to Empowerment: A Review 1904
Amanpreet Kaur  
A Case Study  
Role of Mahatma Gandhi and his non-violent techniques in Indian National Movement 1913
Zahoor Ahmad Wani  
The Legacy of the Silk Route: Connecting People and Cultures 1920
Ashaq Hussain  
Mogok Vipassanâ Meditation method in Myanmar : A Historical Study  1930
Research Article  
Missionaries rendered service to vocational education in North Arcot district – A historical view 1936
P. Loganathan  
Water Crisis-Causes and Solution 1944
Ashok Kumar  
Education and development in India: Marginalizing the margins 1948
Samson S. Chiru  
The Parallel market for education in India: In context of Private Tutoring  1957
Ashok and Rajesh Kumar Jangir  
Hospitalisation Insurance: An Analysis of the The Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana in India 1965
Paramita Roy  
Problems and prospects of textile industry with special reference to Serampore region, West Bengal 1980
Ruchira Gupta and Debolina Saha  
Naga political alternative arrangements and beyond: A critical analogous relook 1993
Samson S. Chiru  
The cultural construction and healing practices of the Paniya Tribe in Kerala, India 2007
Sudheesh M. Vincent  
Bane of Fake News and Democracy 2013
Saheli Roychowdhury  
The mother tongue curriculum framework: Manipur experimentation 2022
Samson S. Chiru  
Dowry –A socio legal study 2032
Deepa Muduli  
Christian Mission and Colonial Masters: Architect of Modern India 2040
Samson S. Chiru  
Islamist Terrorism in South Asia: International Politics and its Ramifications 2054
Samson S. Chiru  
Research Note  
Threat of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Among Transgender Individuals: A Study in City Kolkata 2058
Amrita Purakayastha