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International Journal of Applied Home Science-Volume 4 Issue 7 & 8 (July & August, 2017)

International Journal of Applied Home Science                                 Vol. 4 (7&8), July & August (2017) 

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Impact Factor : 1.4215 (GIF)


Research Paper

Entrepreneurial productivity of women entrepreneurs 431
K. Geetha and N. Rajani  View
Khadi : Exploration of current market trend 439
Meenu Srivastava  View
Knowledge and attitudes towards child rights: A comparative study between Government and Private school personnel in Jammu  447
Samridhi Arora and Ruchi Thakur  View
Assessment of the knowledge regarding reproductive health among adolescent girls in an urban slum area 454
Nainy Singh and Shubha Sharma  View
Promoting environmental sensitization among the homemakers of Vadodara city through educational program 459
Urvashi Mishra and Maneesha Shukul  View
Preparation of value added food products with incorporation of peanut milk and kodo millet 467
Shruti Singh and Ritu Prakash Dubey  View
Smartphone usage and dependence among adolescents and young adults of Jammu 473
Sarika Manhas and Deepika Chambyal  View
A study of the dietary pattern of 60 plus population residing in an agriculture based area of Rajasthan  489
Nidhi Agarwal View
Resilience and parent adolescent attachment as predictors of happiness among adolescents of single parent families 494
Neha Sharma and Jasleen View
Impact of nutritional awareness of sport persons in Allahabad district 507
Supriya Tiwari and Virginia Paul  View
To assess the relation between parenting style of parents and birth order in personality of adolescents 513
Pooja Tyagi  View
Cultivation of Solanum nigrum under controlled environment using organic fertilizer 519
Samja Sabu and C.A. Kalpana  View
Factors responsible for shifting of elderly women to  old age homes in Varanasi district – A cross sectional study 525
Vinita Singh and Pushpa Kumari  View
Effect of various educational and socio-economic factors on the dietary pattern of women in Kashmir 529
Sumaiya, Naheed Vaida and Yasmeen Majid Khan  View
Opinion of housewifes on demonetization 539
Chanchala Singh, Pushpa Kumari and Pinky Singh  View
Adaptation of renewable energy technologies along with non-renewable energy technologies for sustainable use of energy resources 544
Supriya, Sushma Goel and Pradeep Chandra Pant  View
Extent of problems faced by the homemakers regarding existing modern kitchens 562
Sarjoo Patel and Urvashi Patel  View
Trapped in their own nuptial rings: Indian women and their fight against domestic violence 568
Anshul Singhal, Sarita Anand and Suvidhi Puri  View
To assess the awareness level of the respondents towards the impact of household waste on health and environment 577
Surabhi Bharti, Aditi Vats and  Poonam  View
Review Paper
Enabling rural youth: An analysis of an NGO initiative 585
Masot Zingkhai, Sarita Anand and Neha Sharma  View
Problems of women in unorganized sector – A study on home based women workers and domestic women workers in Vadodara 593
Sarika Patel and Rameshwari Pandya  View
Agri-produce processing and value addition for nutrition security 611
Vibha Acharya, Swati Shukla and Shashi Jain  View
Potential health hazards of workers in hospitality industry 617
Meenu Srivastava  View
Ecological approach to reduce carbon footprint of textile industry 623
Minakshi Jain  View
Need for eco-friendly finished textiles 634
Rita Kant, Charu Chopra and Nidhi Sisodia  View
Commonly consumed tribal plants in different parts of India and their folkloric uses 645
Swati Shukla, Vibha Acharya and Shashi Jain  View
Agro textiles – Their applications in agriculture and scope for utilizing natural fibers in agro tech sector  653
K. Bhavani, Ningdalli Mallikarjun and N.M. Sunilkumar  View
Growing spectrum of children with celiac disease in India  663
Aditi Gupta, Vimla Dunkwal and Madhu Goyal  View