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International Journal of Applied Home Science-Volume 5 Issue 1 (January, 2018)

International Journal of Applied Home Science                             Vol. 5 (1), January (2018) 

Approved By UGC (List on Sr. No. 43913)

Impact Factor : 4.8279 (SJIF)

Impact Factor : 1.4215 (GIF)


Research Paper

Carotene rich papaya sauce –  A food product innovation 1
Renu Singh  View
Assessment of body composition of young women (18-30 years) through bioelectrical impedance analysis 7
Swati Mathur and Bharti Jain  View
The prevalence of overweight and obesity in school going children 13
Swati Suman and Seema Dey  View
Undernutrition among upper primary school children of Rural Industrial areas of Vadodara 26
Shweta Patel, Uma Iyer, Swati Dhruv and Richa Mehta  View
Preparing an evaluation scale to be used by the healthcare providers for evaluating the acceptability of patients’ garments used in wards in multi specialty Indian hospitals 36
Ravneet Kaur and Prabhdip Brar  View
Internet usage and dependency among college students in relation to economic status: A comparative study 42
Mahjabeen  View
A study on SHG members regarding their knowledge and involvement in financial activities carried out in their SHG 48
Swati Sucharita and Indira Bishnoi  View
Standardization of value added synbiotic juices  53
K. Karthiga and A. Nilofer View
Role of television towards health of elderly 61
Rajshree Chandrakar and A. Joglekar View
Attractive shopping malls influencing the purchase pattern of customers 65
Ramandeep Bawa, A.K. Sinha and Rita Kant View
Low carbohydrate ketogenic diet as a dietary remedy for infertile women with polycystic ovary syndrome 76
Sajitha Rehuman and D. Bhagya  View
Influence of socio-economic factors on parenting of rural infants of North Karnataka 81
Dahun Massar and P.B. Khadi  View
Diet and nutritional status of lactating mothers with special emphasis on maternal risk factors 87
Chandrashree Lenka and Banita Patro  View
Optimization of dyeing parameters of Angora wool with natural dye from root of Ratanjot (Onosma echioides)  94
Lotika Gupta and Harminder Kaur Saini  View
A study on aspiration level of students among rural and urban students 102
Manjula G. Kadapatti  View
The impact of socio economic factors on the nutritional status of primary school children (6-10 Years) – A study 107
Avijna Ray and Purba Chattopadhyay  View
Parenting style and social anxiety among adolescents 117
Pinki Mishra and U.V. Kiran View
Madhubani art- a design inspiration to develop motifs for hand painting on skirts for adolescent girls 124
M. Gayathri and R. Sunitha  View
Health status of rural adolescent girls residing in Peripheral villages of Ajmer district 137
Bharti Jain and Navita Srivastava  View
A study based on the interest of women in learning Income Generating Activities(IGA) in Participatory Group Training (PGT) and the reasons of their interest 141
Sarita Verma and Indira Bishnoi  View
Contemporary apparel designing with traditional craft  148
Sunanda Khanna View
Self concept and internet usage of adolescents  155
G. Vani Prasanthi and K. Anuradha View
Antimicrobial efficacy of herbal microencapsulated organic cotton and bamboo knit fabrics 161
S. Jayapriya and G. Bagyalakshmi  View
Personality profile of the invulnerable children 166
Aparajita Chowdhury, BIlasini Mallick and Kshamamayee Naik View
Household events: Ways of economizing on budget 174
Sarjoo Patel and Purvi Trivedi View
Entrepreneurial transformation in chikankari embroidery handicraft 180
Shristi Purwar View
Parenting styles adopted by mothers and behavior problems among pre-school children 185
B. Swaroopa Rani and K. Anuradha View
Information, education and communication through self help group women 190
B. Jyotsna Devi  View
Effect of vegetarian and non vegetarian diet in the level of blood pressure among sedentary adult 197
Kalyani Kumari and Anisha Verma View
Skill training: A tool for women empowerment 204
Meenu Verma,  Sangita Deodiya and V. Kamalvanshi View
Behavior problems of children with and without learning disability 210
P. Neeraja and K. Anuradha View
Nutritional status of tribal alcoholics of North Odisha 218
Laxmi Lata Ho and Braja Kishori Mishra View
A study of dilemma faced by the student population of Panjab University Chandigarh in finding plus size clothing 225
Amrinder Kaur and Rita Kant  View
To study the effect of the developed drinking poweder on the blood profile of atheletes (16-17 Years) 232
Shweta Malik and Parvinder Kaur View
 Review Paper
Diabetes in Indians 239
Anesa Majeed  View
Drudgery reducing equipments for farm women; Availability and options  246
Swati Sucharita and Indira Bishnoi  View
Application of natural mordants on textile 252
Shweta Singh and Divya Rani Singh  View
Sweet potato– Wholesome nutrition in a SPUD 261
Rajya Lakshmi Devi  Yenumula and S. Thilakavathy  View
Khadi: An iconic Indian cloth  267
Shruti Gupta, Deepali Rastogi and Ritu Mathur  View
 A Case Study
 India: the catalyst for a sustainable future by rediscovering recycling habits 279
 Patricia Sumod, Kundlata Mishra and Shweta Rangnekar  View