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International Journal of Applied Social Science-Volume 7 Issue 3 & 4 (March & April, 2020)

International Journal of Applied Social Science

(An International Double Blind Peer Reviewed / Refereed Research Journal of Social Science)

Vol. 7 (3&4), March & April (2020)

                                                                                                     Impact Factor : 5.734                                                                                             NAAS Rating : 2.61


Research Paper

Study of Geriatrics Well being and Emotional Intelligence 166
Chandra Shekhar View
Research Article
Iraq-Iran Relations: Confrontation to Emerging Cooperation 170
Memoonah Baig  View
Subcultural Development and Cultural Change: Observations on Great Snake Stories in Shouxian, China 178
Yu Haoran View
Act East Policy, CLMV and Geopolitics: Developing a Research Proposal 186
Prakash Khundrakpam View
British Patronage educational institutions: A cash study of Lucknow city, 1920 to 1947 194
Becha Lal View
Borderlands Epistemologies in Hombres de maíz 202
Rishu Sharma View
Ethnicity Regionalism in Georgia: Peoples’ Struggle for Democracy 211
Ramesh Chandra Yadav  View
South Africa –Relations with United States in Post Apartheid Period 216
Esha View
A Case Study on Barua Buddhist in Lucknow: “Culture, Belief and Practices” 224
Rakesh Kumar