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International Journal of Applied Home Science-Volume 3 Issue 1 & 2 (Jan. & Feb., 2016)

International Journal of Applied Home Science                                 Vol. 3 (1 & 2), January & February (2016)

                                                                               Impact Factor : 1.4215 


Research Paper

A mismatch between existing and ergonomicaly formulated dimensions for Indian classroom furniture


Purva Jaggi and Rupa Bakhshi


Development  of freeze dried pomegranate peel powder and acceptability of formulated tea


K.S. Shreenidhi and C.A. Kalpana


Learning disabilities in children: Challenges and solutions


Jyoti P. Mankar and Jayshree Govande


Review Paper

Decolourization of textile effluents 22
Shameembanu A. Byadgi and Sadhana D. Kulloli View
Impact of mass media on fashion adoption of adolescent girls 31
Pooja Yadav,  Sangita Deodiya and Anshu Shukla View
Water quality considerations for better laundry results 36
Nidhi Gupta and Seema Sekhri View
Market and customer survey about availability and use of masala powder/pastes 42
Anugya Bharti and Kalpana Kulshrestha View
Recycling of pre and post textiles waste 48
Neeta Singh View