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International Journal of Applied Social Science-Volume 4 Issue 1-4 (January-April, 2017)

International Journal of Applied Social Science                                                                                                                                                                              Vol. 4 (1-4), January-April (2017)

     Impact Factor : 4.186


Research Paper

 Trauma and coping among Kashmiri women 1
 Syed Shehna and Chandra Shekhar  View
 The contexual factors: A study of the seasonal out-Migration area of Ranchi district  (Jharkhand) 6
 Minashree Horo  View
 Review Paper
 Venture capital : Emerging source for funding start-ups in India  18
 Shefali Chopra View 
 Socio- economic issues in empowerment of hilly women through information,  education and  communication (Iec) interventions: A review of past studies  25
 Dimple Bagauli, Chhavi Arya, Maitreyi Thapliyal and Leena Rawat View 
 Eu and protection of minority rights in central and eastern Europe  33
 Bhawna Choudhary View
 Terrorism in Xinjiang after 9/11 and Implication for India  53
 Pooja Pingua View 
 The Mh 17 incident: An analysis of Aviation Insurance Coverage  66
 Aparna Malhotra and Pankaj Tyagi View
 The Bhutanese concept and context of sustainable development  80
 Preeti Sain View
 The impact of the transition in central and eastern Europe on the Roma (1990- 2010) 88
 Bhawna Choudhary View 
 Green supply chain management: A way towards sustainable business practices  104
 Shefali Chopra View