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International Journal of Applied Social Science-Volume 3 Issue 3&4 (March & April, 2016)

International Journal of Applied Social Science                                                                                                                                                                               Vol. 3 (3&4), March & April (2016)

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Research Article

Socio-economic status and aggression as the predictors of academic performance  56
Chandra Shekhar and Rajinder Kumar View
Analysis of Areca nut production and export in India 67
R. Naagarajan and R. Meenakshi View
An economic analysis of floriculture in India 82
R. Naagarajan and K. Jayavasuki View
Review Article
The Changing Concept of Justice; From Plato to Rawls 97
Priyadarshini Mishra View
Democratic Transition from Soviet Union to Republic of Estonia 103
V. Lenin Kumar View
Local Government : The Panchayati Raj Institution in India (With reference to the 73rd Amendment of the Indian Constitution) 107
Farhana View