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International Journal of Applied Social Science-Volume 2 Issue 5 & 6 (May & June, 2015)

International Journal of Applied Social Science                                 Vol. 2 (5&6), May & June (2015)


Research Article

Attitude to entrepreneurship: What do IVth year Agriculture graduates think  122
P.R. Deshmukh and R.P. Kadam Abstract
Resilience and quality of life among internally displaced person (POK refugees) 130
Adity Jamwal and Chandra Shekhar Abstract
Review Article
Black September: A turning point in the Palestinian National Movement 135
Subhash Singh Abstract
Influence of Gandhian Principles of Nonviolence in the Singing Revolution (Sàjûdis Movement) of Lithuania 146
Govardhan Abstract
Regional Backwardness, Statehood Movement and State Response in Western Odisha 157
Tapan Kumar Mahanand Abstract
Crisis of Socialism and Beginning of Democratic Movement in Central Europe 167
Vinod Kumar Yadaw Abstract
Role of the European Union in Shaping of Political Economy of Russia- Georgia Conflict 179
Dasharath Kumar and Santosh Kumar Abstract