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International Journal of Applied Social Science-Volume 5 Issue 8 (August, 2018)

International Journal of Applied Social Science                         Vol. 5 (8), August (2018)

UGC Approved Journal

     Impact Factor : 5.734


Research Paper

Connectivity efficiency of Rail Network in Alipurduar Division, Northeast Frontier Railway, India 1135
Anup Sen, Sanjoy Ahir and Piyal Basu Roy  View
Nature and characteristics of labour out-migration from rural Malda district, West Bengal 1141
Prabir Das and Pradip Chouhan View
Trend and variabilty of major crops production: A study of Keonjhar district of Odisha 1158
Sanjib Kumar Majhi  View
Assessment of relationship between socio economic status and body mass index among pregnant women and lactating mothers in Jamshedpur  1166
Ramaa Subramanian View
Low educational attainment among Tribal people and Hindrance to continue their education 1175
Pradip Chouhan  and Salim Mandal View
Infrastructural destruction and disaster mitigation: A study after June 2013 natural disaster of Uttarakhand 1184
Durga Rajak View
A comparitive study on dietary practices of rural and urban adolescent girls 1191
D. Pushplata View
Association between body mass index and health related quality of life among adolescents 1195
Urmila Vijayan and Kajal View
Prevalence of Girls Child Marriage and Its Effect on Fertility in India: An Empirical Analysis Using Unit Level Data  1201
Purnendu Modak View
Life skills education on knowledge attitude and practice  regarding reproductive health among adolescent girls 1211
C. Kalapriya View 
Tailoring: A Perfect Friendly Enterprise For Urban Women 1215
Madhubrata Mishra View 
Analysis of changing household, income and population pattern of Haldia Indusrial region, Purba Medinipur, West Bengal 1222 
Supriyo Halder View
Study of aggression in working and non-working adults 1230
Chandra Shekhar and Riffat Malik View
A comparative survey on achievement in mathematics between rural and urban students at Secondary School Level 1235
Rima Ghosh View
Analyze the impact of the cyber space for working or non-working women 1241
Kalpana Verma and Shalini Agarwal View 
Development of the school education in Islampur sub-division of West Bengal, India 1244
Prahlad Paul View 
Mass media credibility: A study of readers’ perception of bias in leading english dailies 1253
Ravi Shankar and Ashok Kumar  View
Assesment of living condition of street children 1258
Anshika Mishra and Shalini Agarwal View
An empirical study of consumers’ perception towards green products 1262
Manjeet Kumari View
Dairy Co-operative Management Personnel’s Efficiency Enhancement through Organizational communication 1269
Ashok Kumar View
Food safety awareness, knowledge and practices among students of Gurugram 1276
Payal Mahajan, Ojasvi Gautam, Parmeet, Varad Chutani and Vinayak View
Relations between attitudes towards population problem and religion of middle adults and elderly persons of Kolkata 1284
Manjistha Banerjee View
A Case Study
Traditional rituals and beliefs regarding the childbirth among Bhumij people : An ethnographic case study 1292
Priyanka Kanrar and Jaydeep Mondal View
Alauddin Khalji ~ The 2nd Alexander 1300
Zahoor Ahmad Wani View
Research Article  
Present Scenario of Higher Education in India 1310
Nazmul Hussain Laskar View
Caste and Hegemony in Ancient Kumaon 1316
Isha Tamta View
Professional development of teacher and professionalism in teacher education 1320
Sovan Kumar Singha and Deb Prasad Sikdar View
Analysis of Development in the Societies 1333
Atul Pandey View
Environmental Politics – The Theoretical Perspectives 1339
Bhavana Trivedi View
Myth and reality of the Adi Ganga: A Paleodistributary of the Ganges in West Bengal, India 1347
Atanu Mandal View
Essence of Vedic and later Vedic education of ancient India  1354
Sumana  Mallick View
Globalisation and Ethics: Glocal Politics and Tribes Resistance 1362
Samson S. Chiru  View
Violence during armed conflicts: Impact on women 1372
Neeta Rani  View
Reminiscing the Supremacy of the Traditional Embroideries of India 1384
S. Aishwariya View
Refuge in Myanmar Buddhism: A comparative study 1393
Ven. Panda Wantha View