Scientific Research Journal Association With Shiv Shiksha Sadan Samiti (Regd.)

International Journal of Applied Home Science-Volume 2 Issue 9 & 10 (Sept. & Oct., 2015)

We hear words like: A?aā¨Aďif essay nowA?aā¨A just about every day. For that reason, we have trained our specialists International Journal of Applied Home Science¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Vol. 2 (9&10), September¬†& October¬†(2015)

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Anupama, Renu Jain and Alka David

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Sunita Kale and Sangita Naik


Development of natural colour cotton yarn for knitting industry


R.K. Dhanalaxmi and Jyoti V. Vastrad


Ergonomic assessment of washing clothes on washing centers with different heights


M.S. Kulkarni, H.L. Sarambekar and S.H. Umrikar


Review Article

Environmental impact due to domestic laundry care practices-implications for promoting green consumerism in India 


Nidhi Gupta and Seema Sekhri


Affects of Ascorbic acid on health


Vimi Singh and Mamta Kumari


Maternal and infant mortality in the state of Odisha


Sasmita Nayak


Understanding financial exclusion


Prawal Pandey, Anju Bhatia and Dhawal Pandey


Teacher’s E-teaching capabilities in Higher Education


M. Dhrakshayani