International Journal of Applied Home Science

Approved By UGC (List on Sr. No. 43913)

Vol. 5 (2), February (2018)

 Impact Factor : 4.829 (SJIF)

Impact Factor : 1.4215 (GIF)


Research Paper Page 
Effect of diet rich in resistant starch on fecal microflora, anthropometric and biochemical parameters in healthy adults 289
Madhuri R. Nigudkar and Jagmeet G. Madan  
Prevalence of anaemia and dysmenorrhoea among adolescent girls 301
Anisa M. Durrani, Heena Parveen and Manazir Ali  
Macronutrients intake of adolescent girls and nutrition education 306
Preeti Dharmade and Manisha P. Kale  
A comparative study on home management practices among working and non-working women in Rourkela City, Sundergarh, Odisha 316
Vijayeta Priyadarshini and Babita Behera  
Economic empowerment of slum women through income generating activities in Bhubaneswar city of Odisha 322
Gayatri Biswal and Pragatika Mishra  
Impediments faced by artisans of Rajasthan in trading handicrafts in urban haats 327
Preetika Garg and Amita Walia  
Physical, financial, psycho- social problems of rural senior citizens: A study 334
Ragini Mishra  
Printing of silk with carboxymethyl tamarind kernel powder and acid dye 339
Ritika Malhotra and Harshita Chaudhary  
Microbial assessment of Hotdog–A popular street food of India and its comparison with homemade food 343
Daxa Jotangiya  
Growth and incidence of type 2 diabetes mellitus in North Kerala 347
K. Shamya and L. Prema  
Development and standardization of pomegranate peel powder incorporated instant idly mix 353
D. Vijayarani and P. Mariselvei  
Impact of socio-economic and educational factors on personal hygiene among rural women 358
Rajashree Phukon  
Manufacture of ring spun blended yarn from waste biomass of sugarcane stalk (sugarcane bagasse) 363
Preeti Kaur Sachdeva, Bhawana Chanana and M.S. Parmar  
Gender differences in marital satisfaction among urban couples 370
Nibedita Mishra  
Educational vs health status on family food security 380
Archana Prabhat and Khyrunnisa Begum  
Kitchen ergonomics of middle income group working women (A study of Aligarh city) 386
Rashmi Singh and Saba Khan  
Impact of nutritional awareness of adults in Allahabad district 393
Akansha Sharma and Virginia Paul  
Health problems of farm women in rural Odisha 397
Chandrashree Lenka  
Expectation and perception of consumers on food service quality in the college canteens based on modified dineserv scale 403
B. Barathi and K.S. Kumari  
Fusion of Kutch and Kathiawar embroidery for designing of apparels 410
Shweta Jha and Nargis Fatima  
Establishing connectivity between parental aggression and parent-preschooler relationship 417
Sarika Manhas and Nirmala  
Assessment of entrepreneurial traits and induction of achievement motivation through training among the women of self help groups for development of financial literacy 431
Kiran Tripathi and Divya Rani Singh  
Analysis of decision making among slum working women
Chanchala Singh and Pushpa Kumari  
Impact assessment of awareness program developed on menstruation hygiene for the school going teenage girls of Hallol district in Gujarat 441
Urvashi Mishra and Pratik Pandya  
Profile of children in observation home for girls and boys in Tirupati – An analysis 448
K. Anuradha and K. Guru Lakshmi  
An analytical study of designing issues in Kota Doria 453
Ruchika Malik and Bindu Chaturvedi  
Innovation in old coin as jewelry fashioned with enameling and semi precious stones 469
Anushree Jaiswal  
Review Paper  
Traditional Textiles and Costumes of the Ao Naga tribe of Nagaland 476
Joymati Thoudam and Ritu Mathur  
Challenges for sustainability in textile craft and fashion design 489
Minakshi Jain  
A review on dyeing of silk with reactive dyes 497
Ruchira Agarwal and Deepali Rastogi  
Delivery of non-formal education through open and distance learning: Role of CSR 506
Heena K. Bijli  
Folk arts: A strong source of designing 514
Shristi Purwar  
A Case Study  
Green building: A case study of Indra Paryavaran Bhawan, Delhi 518
Rachna Dhingra and Puja Gupta