International Journal of Applied Social Science

(An International Double Blind Peer Reviewed / Refereed Research Journal of Social Science)

Vol. 6 (2), February (2019)

UGC Approved Journal

 Impact Factor : 5.734 (SJIF)        NAAS Rating : 2.61 (2019)


Research Paper Page 
Death Anxiety and Personality Traits among Type-2 Diabetic Patients 242
Jaimala A. Sode and Mrunal A. Bhardwaj  
The Impact of Muslim Migration on the Economic Status of the Left behind Population in Churu District, Rajasthan 247
Sadhana Kothari and Nafeesa Kayamkhani  
Assessing the Effect of Natural Mordant for Printing on Cotton  253
K. Sangamithirai  
Measuring Road Infrastructure Development: Paradox of Density Measures 258
Selim Chisti  
Role of National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in Alleviation of Poverty in Jagannath Prasad Block in Ganjam District of Odisha 261
Parbati Tudu and Ratna Sahu  
Does Institutional Credit Drive Agricultural Growth: Evidence from Odisha 268
Alok Ranjan Behera  
Changing Gender Role Stereo-Typing among Adolescents: A Sociological Perspective  274
Elizabeth Abraham  
Academic Anxiety among the Junior Secondary School Students 280
A. Sherin Jude Junitha and B. Nalina  
Balancing Home and Work: A Study on the Working Women in Sikkim 285
Winkeyla Bhutia  
Family Frustration and Anxiety among Male and Female Adolescents 293
Tatheer Fatma, Anshu and Anjali Mathur  
Problematic Internet Use among College Students in Relation to Stress and Depression 298
Aditya Chamuah and R. Sankar  
Social Maturity and Study Habits among the B.Ed Teacher Trainees 302
S. Vinoth and C. Barathi  
Study on the Dietry Pattern Associated with Coronary Artery Disease Among Women in Delhi 311
Deepshikha Sharma and Shagufta Jamal  
A Comparative Study of Stylistics Features of Didarganjyakshi and Bhutesaryaksis in Indian art 314
Aditi Jain  
Economic, Social and Political dimensions of Empowerment of Women in SHG: A Cross Section Study of Indian States  321
Poulomi Roy, Arijita Dutta, Sharmistha Banerjee and Sudeshna Basu Mukherjee  
Self Confidence and Emotional Maturity of B.Ed Teacher Trainees 333
V. Shanmuga Sundaram and C. Barathi  
The Costumes and Ornaments Depicted in Indian Sculptural Art Reflect Changing Fashions of the Societies through Ages   339
Aditi Jain  
Kashmir’s Silk Industry Dying a Silent Death 344
Majid Majeed Khanday  
ICT Utilization and Performance in Select Institutions of Higher Education in India 349
Versha Mehta and Minakshi Kapoor  
Effectiveness of Extended Contact Programme of B.Ed. (Open) Students: A Study 371
Manisha Vijayvargiya  
Review Paper  
A Review on Antioxidant Benefits of Aromatic Spices 381
Prachi Avinash and Kusum Mittal  
Research Article  
Study of Ecology on the basis of Buddhism and Virtue Ethics 387
Anindita Mukherjee  
The Pursuit of Dreams: Utilising Positive Psychology to Win Without Losing Oneself 391
Sudha Shashwati and Swarna Ahlawat  
Solid Waste Management for Sustainable Tourism 399
Austin Sinesh Das and G. Dilip Diwakar  
Health Education as a Component of Human and Community Development 407
Ratna Sahu and Parbati Tudu  
Understanding India’s Forest Land Rights through Spatial Justice Framework – A Policy Analysis of the Forest Rights Act 2006  413
Pratap Kishore Mohanty and Rabindra Garada  
Portrayal of Dalit women in Hindi cinema: A Study of Two Representative Films Prem Rog and Dilli 6 422
Behjat Moini  
Monetary Policy: Process of interest rates fixation by the central banks 427
Shanta R. Kerketta  
Making Up a Bazaar: An Ethnographic Profile of a Section of a Downtown Marketplace in India 431
Avik Roy  
English Language Use in Tourism Industry 439
Atul Rasika and Vijay Sharma  
Efficacy of Sustainable Livelihood Approach as a Tool for Measuring Socioeconomic Condition as Compared to Other Tools 445
Bijoy Debnath  
Homelessness and Right to Adequate Housing in India- A Human Rights Perspective 450
Jyotirmoyee Baruah and Sudhansu Ranjan Mohapatra  
Women in Sports and Performance 455
Biswajit Bhunia  
China’s Interests in Afghanistan: Challenges and Prospect of ‘One Belt, One Road’ 459
Mukesh Kumar Vishwakarma  
Social Media: An Emerging Medium of Advertising in Tourism Industry with Special Reference to Uttar Pradesh 470
Ranjanabh Chatterjee and Alka Das  
Themes on Nobility and Saints in Hyderabad Miniature Paintings 477
B. Lavanya  
Need to Study Higher Education Status in Kerala: Access, Equity and Quality 483
Himanshu Tripathi and J.E. Merlin Sasikala