International Journal of Applied Social Science

(An International Double Blind Peer Reviewed / Refereed Research Journal of Social Science)

Vol. 6 (8), August (2019)

 Impact Factor : 5.734 (SJIF)        NAAS Rating : 2.61 (2019)


Research Paper Page 
Environmental Attitudes of Young People and Teachers of Secondary Schools: Effects of Gender, School Type, and Residential Background 2000
C. Murugesan and D. Packialakshmi  
Social Anxiety Disorder among Adolescents and Adults: A Study in Tripura 2013
Sumana Majumdar and Tiyasa Lodh  
A Comparative Study of General Well Being and Life Style of Government Educators  2018
Sarika Rani and Kumkum Pareek  
Two Decades after Liberalisation: Women in Modern India, A Theoretical Study on Women Empowerment 2024
Debajyoti Das Gupta  
Dietary Habits of Primary School Children in Chamoli District of Uttarakhand 2036
Jyoti Tiwari and Medha  
A study to assess the challenges faced by adolescent girls and opinion about their parents residing at urban areas    2042
Bhuvaneshwari and Soundarya  
Awareness among Women about Protection of Women against Domestic Violence Act, 2005  2047
Ritu Chandra, Anju Tyagi and Nalini Chandra  
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Challenges (SWOC) of the Rural Youth in Agriculture 2050
M. Kavinila and P.P. Murugan  
A Study of Human Development Index in DKRU 2055
Mohsina Hayat  
Research Article  
Bullying of Transgender: An Unresolved Issue 2064
K. Dileesh, M. Geethanjali and T. Vasumathi  
Locating Disasters in Development Theory 2068
Akanchha Singh  
Innovative Pedagogy for the Twenty-First Century Learners: Issues and Challenges for Teachers and Principals 2074
John Joseph and Marion Mathew  
Digital Addiction in Children: A Psychosocial Perspective 2084
Pavani Tyagi  
Gender Question and Position of Women in India: A Historical Perspective 2088
Ajeet Kumar  
Ethnic Conflicts and the Challenges of Civil Society in Assam 2092
Nilakshi Deka  
Role of MSMEs in Development of Women Entrepreneur 2096
Mohsina Hayat  
Myanmar Meditation Master and the Sixth Great Buddhist Council 2103
Pon Nyar Nanda  
Chemical Practices in Ancient India 2108
Seema Chaudhary  
Russia’s Soviet Past: Understanding the Policy of Nationality 2112
Mukesh Kumar Mishra  
Historical Background of Myanmar Culture 2122
Osadha Theri  
Protecting Rights of Child through Family Counselling Education 2127
Musharraf Jahan  
Human Rights Laws and Institutions in New Democratic Iraq: An Assessment 2140
Md Mosharraf Alam  
Socio-Cultural status of Tribal Women: Special Focus on Tharus 2140
Sangita Yadav  
Development versus Displacement 2144
Shivangi Jaiswal  
Understanding the Human Rights Status in South Sudan 2148
Bhaskar Gogoi  
Muhammad Shibli Nomani (1857–1914); His Educational Thought’s and Career 2152
Ritesh Gupta  
Education System in Ancient Indian 2161
Ravi Kant and Bajinder Singh  
India and Sports Performance 2166
Biswajit Bhunia