International Journal of Applied Social Science

(An International Double Blind Peer Reviewed / Refereed Research Journal of Social Science)

Vol. 6 (6), June (2019)

UGC Approved Journal

 Impact Factor : 5.734 (SJIF)        NAAS Rating : 2.61 (2019)


Research Paper Page 
Impacts of Tribal Out-Migration in an Underdeveloped Region of Odisha 1345
Pradipta Kumar Sarangi and P.C. Mohapatro  
Educational Status and Polio: A Case Study on Murshidabad District 1351
Taniya Sen Gupta, Santosh Mukherjee and Deb Prasad Sikdar  
The Causality between FII and BSE in India  1357
A. Pandiammal and K. Iyna  
A Comparative Study of Body Image and Academic Behaviour 1362
Urvashi Khanna  
Contraceptive Utilization among Married Rural Women of Varanasi District, Uttar Pradesh 1365
Ekta Gupta and Kalpna Gupta  
Trends in Capacity Utilization in Indian Manufacturing Sector in the Post Reform Period –A Case of Engineering Goods Industry    1371
Asheref Illiyan  
Identity and the Way of Life among the Layeks in the Junglemahal Region of West Bengals  1378
Sovan Chakraborty  
Clothing Disposal Behavior of Teenage Consumers: A study with Reference to Bhopal City 1384
Sarita Sharma and Suman Pant  
Emotional Intelligence, Learning Styles and Academic Achievement of Science and Social Science Higher Secondary School Students 1392
Najmah Peerzada  
Comparison between Physical Properties of Handloom Denim and Powerloom Denim 1399
Neha Arora and Seema Sekhri  
A Study on the Relationship between Parental Involvement and Academic Achievement of Secondary School Students 1403
Rashmi J.  
An Analysis of the Impact of Demonetization on Retail Traders: With Special Reference to Belthangady Town 1407
Yuvaraja U.  
Criteria for Selection of Packaged FMCG by Consumers 1415
Surbhi Chitkara and Sushma Goel  
Impact of Female Literacy Rate on Sex Ratio in Uttar Pradesh: A District wise Analysis 1419
Kaushlendra Vikram Mishra  
A Comparative Study of Self Esteem and Academic Behaviour  1424
Urvashi Khanna  
Creative Fashion Styling of Occasional Gowns 1427
Mohaddesa Dehghani and Pratima Goyal  
Entrepreneurial Impact on Chikankari Embroidery Designs and Technology  1432
Shristi Purwar  
Impact of Counselling on Locus of Control of Underachievers 1437
Muskan Ameen and Mahmood Ahmad Khan  
Consumer Awareness and Protection in Public Distribution System in Odisha : A Study of Two Districts, Mayurbhanj and Balasore 1445
Gitanjali Panda  
Recycling Practices of Clothing and Textiles: A Case Study of Women of Chandigarh 1456
Anu H. Gupta and Luxmi  
Role of Micro-Finance in Women Empowerment: A Case Study of Kanas Block in Odisha 1463
Sujata Mishra, Chandan Srichandan and Rashmi Rekha Barik  
Marketed Surplus of Paddy in Punjab 1467
Jaswinder Kaur and Shakuntla Gupta  
Gender Discrimination in Uttar Pradesh: A District wise Analysis 1474
Kaushlendra Vikram Mishra  
Higher Education and Development From a Women’s Perspective 1479
Bikram Keshari Mishra  
Academic Functions and Social Obligations of Regular and Contractual Teachers of Kulgam District 1486
Jahangir Ahmad Malik  
Development Challenge of Slume People in Gorakhpur City: A Case Study 1491
Lalji Kumar Kushwaha  
Government Initiatives for Solar Water Pumps in Selected States 1498
Anugya Singh, Meenakshi Mital and Meenal Jain  
A Study of Shopping Behavior of Young Women Buying Ethnic and Western Clothing in Chandigarh  1501
Bhawna Vij, Ramandeep Bawa and Rita Kant  
Protective Clothing – Identity of a Worker 1508
Kundlata Mishra and Ela Dedhia  
Change in Enrolment of Higher Education Across the Districts and States of India – Aishe Data Analysis 1514
Tushar Kanti Ghara  
Regional Disparity of Sex-Ratio in Uttar Pradesh: A Comparative Study of Eastern Region and Western Region 1519
Kaushlendra Vikram Mishra  
Basic Amenities in Urban Uttarakhand 1523
Devendra Kumar  
Research Article  
Energy Poverty Scenario in India 1529
Gargi Adhikari  
Rationalizing Social Inequality: A Theoretical Overview of Social Psychology Theories 1541
Arunima Naithani  
Individuality of Judges vis-a-vis Dispensation of Justice 1550
K.R. Reghunathan  
Study of the Menstrual Hygiene and Misconceptions among the Rural School Girls in District Sambhal (U.P.) 1558
Shweta Gupta and Poonam Pandey  
History of Sri Kayaroganaswamy Temple at Nagapattinam 1567
R. Mahalakshmi and V. Raju  
Sustainable Destination Development through Responsible Community Based Tourism Initiatives: Select Case Studies from Bali Village, Indian Sunderbans 1572
Arnab Gantait, G. Anjaneya Swamy and Ravish Mathew  
Spirituality: A Tool to Develop Mental Health among Adolescents 1582
Shaheerat ul Islam Khan  
Early Description of Numerical and Measuring System in Indus Valley Civilization 1586
Rekha Singh  
Indian English Poetry from Pre-Independence to Post-Independence Period: A Brief Study 1590
Fasil Barkat Dar and Ajeet Singh  
Culture and Autonomy: Issues of Conflict in Northeast India 1594
Nameirakpam Bijen Meetei  
Iqbal and Wordsworth’s Advice to Modern Youth 1601
Mohamad Ismail Mir and Ajeet Singh  
Role of Public in India’s Foreign Policy 1604
Simran Chhabra  
Rorty’s Pragmatic Conception of Truth 1610
Pankaj Kumar Bharti  
Track-2 Diplomacy In India-Pakistan Relations 1615
Goldi Gupta  
Gurukul System- An Ancient Educational System of Indian 1620
P. Selvamani  
Emerging Challenges in Human Resource Management Amidst The Rapid Advancement of Technology 1623
Uday Krishna Mittra and Tanay Kumar Pal  
Linking Organizational Learning Culture and Service Innovation Performance: Mediating role of Dynamic Capabilities 1626
Bhawana Pande and Sushil Pande  
Raginis in Haryana: Women Singers, Identities and Transformation 1632
Rani Tokas  
Massive Inflow of Central Asian Migrants to Russia : Causes and Consequences 1640
Madhusmita Khuntia  
Human Rights at Stake in Democracy: An Indian Perspective 1648
Rajshree Dutta  
Ever-Greening of Patents of Drugs and Right to Health: A Conflicting Interest 1654
Imran Ahad  
A Study on Impact of Labour Welfare Facilities on Worker’s Living Conditions (with Special Reference to Women Employees in Garment Industries in Bangalore Urban) 1659
Understanding Theology of Television: Dynamics of Popular Culture 1667
Santosh Kumar Gautam  
Emerging Employment Opportunities in Last Mile Delivery of E Commerce Industry in India: A Changing Perspectives of Blue Collar Work in Service Sector 1674
Asiya Nasreen and Shantanu Kumar Purohit  
Technology as a Didactic Tool for Comprehensible Input: Krashen’s Perspective on Second Language Acquisition 1681
Nikhitha Raju and V.P. Joshith  
Socio-cultural Study on Tribal Communities of Uttarakhand 1688
Rekha Singh  
Legal Interpretations and Women Education in Islam 1691
Shafaat Hussain Bhat  
Archeology and History : Before the Rule of Giddour (Chandelas) 1695
Sanjeev Kr. Singh  
The contributions of Shafiq in Persian Literature 1699
Akhlaq Ahmad  
The Revoult of 1857 and the Revolutionary Leader Babu Veer Kunwar Singh 1701
Sanjeev Kr. Singh  
A Case Study  
Socio -Economic Empowerment of Women through Self Help Groups in Uttarakhand: A Case Study 1705
Anita Sati