International Journal of Applied Social Science

(An International Double Blind Peer Reviewed / Refereed Research Journal of Social Science)

Vol. 10 (3&4), March & April (2023)

 Impact Factor : 5.996 (SJIF)


Research Paper Page 
Cement Industries in India 141
Aswani T D and Shripathi Kalluraya  
Non-Farm Employment (NFE) in Prayagraj District of Uttar Pradesh: Determinants and Reasons for Taking up NFE 147
Anil Kumar  
Renewable Energy Governance : A Case Study of Biomass Energy  155
Gopal Sonkar  
Effectiveness of the Psycho-Yogic Intervention to Strengthen Responses: A Study on Patients of Dementia 168
Noopur Jaiswal and Ravindra Kumar  
Push and Pull Factors responsible for Tribal Women Migration to Cities and its Consequences an Analysis 173
R. Dinesh Kannan and V. Vasantha Kumar  
Study on Helminth Parasites Present in Sheeps in Different Parts of District Anantnag with Special Reference to Haemonchu scontortus 178
Wajid Majeed Khanday, Priti Ranjan Pahari and Umar Amin  
Financial Awareness in Rural Areas 181
Rajesh Kumar and Arun Kumar  
Review Paper  
Financial Inclusion Initiatives in India: A Review 186
Shabana Noori, Anjali R Meena and Geetanjali Batra  
Protecting the Rights of Child Victims of Sexual Offences: A Review of POCSO Act 2012 193
Simran Bhagat and Divyansh Bhushan  
Research Article  
The Global Challenges in Contemporary Period  201
Santosh Kumar Jha  
Ukraine Crisis and India’s Strategic Autonomy 207
Ashutosh Kumar Pandey and Mukul Bihari Verma  
Understanding Mughal Bihar through Abul Fazl’s Account 215
Tahir Hussain Ansari  
Changing Development Discourse : A Subaltern Prospective 224
N Kishore Kumar  
Exposing the Impact of Green Marketing Practices 232
Arun Kumar and Rajesh Kumar  
Alternative Socialism in the View of Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia: Comparative Analysis of Gandhian and Marxist Socialism 236
N Kishore Kumar  
India-Indonesia: Role of Trade and Socio-Political Relations in Bridging the Gap between two Countries 242
Meraj Ahmad  
Intersectionality of Indigeneity and Womanhood: Understanding the Quest for the Feminine in Hombres de maíz 251
Rishu Sharma  
Changing World Order and its Implications for India and China 257
Asmi and Mukul Bihari Verma  
New-Age Engineering Psychology: A Way Forward in Human-Machine Relationship 263
Lokesh K. Das, Vivek Kumar Sharma, Ravindra Kumar and Vaibhav Gupta  
The Role of the Congress Socialist Party in the Transfer of Power-1937-47 A Study 268
Neelam Rani  
Anxiety in Childhood: Challenges and Remedial Strategies 274
Divyanshi Rana, Vikranta Rajwadey, Ravindra Kumar and Noopur Jaiswal  
Perception of Parents towards the Play Activities of Children: A Study from Western Odisha, India 279
Madan Biswal  
Social Control on Education 287
Sandhya Varshney  
Muslim League’s Role in the Transfer of Power 290
Neelam Rani  
A Study on the Extensive use of Digital Public Relations in Odisha 294
Ankita Khanrah and Anurag Sahu  
Araby Subjective Feeling and Objective World of the Boy 304
Manya Bajaj  
Global Dimming: Causes, Effects and Possible Solutions 307
Amit Kumar Sharma and Anam Fatma  
Decline of Persian Language and the Old Glory of Persian Heritage During Dogra Period 313
Nahida Fida, Shadab Arshad and Shafaat Hussain