International Journal of Applied Social Science

(An International Double Blind Peer Reviewed / Refereed Research Journal of Social Science)

Vol. 5 (5), May (2018)

UGC Approved Journal

 Impact Factor : 4.186 (SJIF)


Research Paper Page 
Perception of adolescents about violence in popular Hindi cinema 357
Ashok Kumar and Ajay Kumar  
Geography of Land Governance and Management: A Geospatial Valuation of Land Utilisation and Sustainable Agricultural Development in India 363
Madan Mohan  
Capital Inflows and Economic Growth in India: The Role of Macro-Monetary Policies 390
Beeralaguddada Srinivas and Basavaraj S. Benni  
Trends in gross savings in the BRICS nations   402
K.S. Deepthi  
GDP, Unemployment and Okun’s Law: Evidence from India 409
Beeralaguddada Srinivas  
Factors affecting knowledge and practices of road safety rules among adolescent students studying in Varanasi 420
Shweta Sahu, Ratan K. Srivastava and Rajniti Prasad  
Knowledge and awareness of HIV/ AIDS among rural adolescent girls 427
N. Venkata Lakshmi  
Impact of Monetary Policy on Stock Market: Evidence from India  431
Beeralaguddada Srinivas  
A spatial analysis of relationship between literacy and urbanization in Haryana 445
Mukesh Kaushik  
Problems and Challenges of Scheduled Caste Students in Pre-University Colleges in Karnataka 449
Beeralaguddada Srinivas and Basavaraj S. Benni  
A study on the growth of public expenditure in Kerala, India 462
V. Johnson  
Quantity Theory of Money and Its Applicability: The Case of India 474
Beeralaguddada Srinivas  
Measuring the media bias: A study of the front page of four English dailies 484
Ashok Kumar and Ravi Shankar  
The experience of living in crowded cities: A case study of Govindpuri area of South Delhi 493
Mohd. Karar Ahmad  
Relationship Between Saving-Investment and Economic Growth in India 507
Beeralaguddada Srinivas  
Mining caused land acquisition and livelihood displacement: A case of opencast coal mining project at Talcher Coalfield, Odisha 518
Rabindra Garada  
Hand Preference and Schizotypal Personality among Girl Students 534
Reshu Chaudhary, Sanjay Kumar and Krishna Agarwal  
Agreeableness and Schizotypal Personality Differences between High- and Low- Digit Ratio Extreme Groups among Women 538
Reshu Chaudhary and Krishna Agarwal  
Review Paper  
Interrogating multiculturalism, free speech and minority cultural rights in The Satanic Verses controversy 542
Piya Srinivasan  
Education on functional skills and sexual health for children with Autism 550
H. Venkat Lakshmi, Gifty Joel and Sanatombi Chingangbam  
Diabetes mellitus : Psychological, social and spiritual aspect  569
Sajad Hussain  
In search of justice: Legal analysis of female foeticide 573
K. Divya  
Trauma Informed Practice in Child Protection 582
K. Minimol  
A Case Study  
MGNREGA: Issues and impacts – A case study in Kumra-Kashipur Gram Panchayat of North 24 Parganas, West Bengal 588
Avijit Roy, Bedprakash Ray, Jaydeep Mondal and Abhijit Das  
Water and energy conflict in Central Asia: A case of Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan 592
Pravesh Kumar Gupta  
The Northeast Indian Naga Society: Some reflections on equity and justice 598
Samson S. Chiru  
Origin, growth and evolution of criminal law in India 607
Research Article  
Some aspects of livelihood pattern of Rabha Community in the Northern Part of West Bengal, India 617
Arpita Sarkar and Tapas Mistri  
Goddess Durga: Origin, iconography and mythology 627
Akhileshwar Singh  
Indigenous religion of Nagaland before the coming of Christianity 633
Ilianeube and Manu Sharma