International Journal of Applied Home Science

Approved By UGC (List on Sr. No. 43913)

Vol. 5 (3), March (2018)

 Impact Factor : 5.486 (SJIF)

Impact Factor : 1.4215 (GIF)


Research Paper Page 
HIV/AIDS related stigma and discrimination in health institutions of Assam 525
Pranjyoti Kalita, Ratan Kr. Kotokey, Lipika Dutta and Dhruba Jyoti Borah  
Preferences for different colours and colour combinations in selecting clothing and accessories of women students 533
V. Jhansirani and D. Sarada  
Prevalence of protein energy malnutrition among 2-5 year old children, based on anthropometry 539
Shambhavi Kamat, D. Sahana, Namratha Pai and Swathi Acharya  
Weibull analysis of tensile properties of banana natural fibre 549
Thomas Ruby Mariamma and Ancy Thomas  
Use of information technology among farmers 555
Richa Pandey and Pushpa Kumari  
Knowledge of rural women about homestead technologies 561
Poonam Choudhary and Dhriti Solanki  
Background-sound-ambience and its differential effects on comprehension test performance among school children 568
Purba Chattopadhyay  
Nutritional status of type 1 diabetic patients 576
Vijaylakshmi, Archana Chakravarty and N.K. Agrawal  
International news coverage by Russian News Agency: TASS 581
Ramesh Chandra Pathak  
A brief profile of students studying Home Science 592
Jitumoni Neog and D.A. Nithyashree  
Eco-dyeing of cotton with madder (Rubia cordifolia) root dye using bael (Aegle marmelos) rind as mordant 602
Anu H. Gupta and Pratibha Thapa  
Impact of visual merchandising as a motivating factor on shopper buying behaviour  608
Ramandeep Bawa, Rita Kant and A.K. Sinha  
Effect of diet counselling on food intake of type 2 diabetics 618
Bharti Jain and Divya Kuvera  
Knowledge up gradation of Tribal farm women through training on preservation in Narmada district, Gujarat 625
M.V. Tiwari, V.K. Poshiya and A.D. Raj  
Feedback of students on teaching techniques adopted in class by the teacher to enhance their skills and knowledge 629
Nidhi Gupte and Sarjoo Patel  
Family size influence the soft skills and social skills development among children 636
Poonam Rani and Bimla Dhanda  
An assessment of knowledge, attitude and menstrual hygiene practices among adolescent girls of Kichha block, Udham Singh Nagar 639
Alka Pandey and Rita Singh Raghuvanshi  
Designing stoles for the adolescents taking inspiration from the Buddhist Art 648
Binu Kapoor  
Motifs used in Banaras sarees 656
Abhilasha Bhardwaj and Inderpal Rai  
Healthy mothers and healthy children: Still a long way to go in Mewat (Haryana), India 661
Pooja Akshay and Sarita Anand  
Gender issues in hindi language family based teleserials 669
Sudha Sachdeva  
Health problems faced by farm women while transplanting wheat 683
Nalini Chandra and Razia Parvez  
Development and quality evaluation of weaning mix using popping technique
Meenakshi Bhatia and Renu Mogra  
Review Paper  
Socio-psychological factors affecting clothing preferences : A review 690
Garisha Arora and Jyoti Aggarwal  
Reviewing and understanding the clothing norms in Islam 707
Andleeb Fatima and Simmi Bhagat  
Mental health and aging in India 714
Shabnam Ansari and Tejpreet Kaur Kang  
Energy Conservation in Textiles Industries 721
Neeta Singh  
A Case Study  
Traditional Molela Craft of Rajasthan 726
Meenu Srivastava  
Changing trend of temporary furnishing 731
Priyanka Goyal