International Journal of Applied Home Science

Approved By UGC (List on Sr. No. 43913)

Vol. 5 (4), April (2018)

 Impact Factor : 5.486 (SJIF)

Impact Factor : 1.4215 (GIF)


Research Paper Page 
Energy consumption pattern in the rural households of Udaipur District 740
Arpita Jain and Neeta Lodha  
Challenges of health problems and dietary pattern in old age people 748
Anita Gupta and Poonam Rai  
Appraisal on nutritional profile and food product development incorporating Solanum nigrum leaf and berries powder as an ingredient 752
Reeta Solanki, Diksha Gupta and Neelam Chaturvedi  
Dietary intake and prevalence of obesity among the urban women of Odisha 759
Dipika Kar  
Product development and sensory evaluation of foetid cassia (Cassia tora L) leaves 775
A.S. Sumaya and Suma Divakar  
A study on motivation, job performance and job satisfaction of CDPOs and integrated child development service (ICDS) supervisors in Udaipur Division   780
Kusum Sukhwal and Usha Kothari  
Biomass fuels affecting health of the rural women 793
Arpita Jain and Neeta Lodha  
Assessment of autism among children across age 800
Bavita and Shalini Agarwal  
A cross sectional study on food preferences among adolescents in schools of Aligarh city 805
Iram Aslam and Anisa M. Durrani  
Fashion and popular culture: Punjabi cinema through last five decades 811
Binu Kapoor  
Assessment of colour fastness of developed shades of Harsingar flower on Khadi silk yarn 817
Tanvi Kumari and Divya Rani Singh  
Awareness about food labeling among working and non working women of Groakhpur city  822
Anupama Kaushik  
Study the status of anaemia in hostel girls of Ahmedabad city 826
Renu Singh, Parul Chaudhary and N.K. Jain  
Gond paintings: A historical evolution 832
Garima Malik and Sabina Sethi  
Progress of school education in Uttarakhand: Quest for quality 837
Anita Sati  
Gestational diabetes mellitus and its correlation with pre-eclampsia 846
Heena Parveen, Anisa M. Durrani, Nasreen Noor and Manazir Ali  
Tents : An identity of cultural tourism in Rajasthan 852
Anupam Jain and Divya Hiran  
Review Paper  
Stress and life style diseases –Adaptive coping strategies 861
Anjali Dewan  
The story of textile waste- Reasons and solutions 871
Prerna Jain and Charu Gupta  
Folk songs and drama- an important tool of communication 891
Anushree Jaiswal  
Utilization of sugarcane fiber waste (Baggase): A review 894
Rickey Rani Boruah and Momita Konwar  
GST effect on textile and apparel industry of India- An overview 898
Meenu Srivastava  
Utilization of pineapple waste as textile application: A Review 906
Momita Konwar and Rickey Rani Boruah  
Metabolic syndrome: Dietary therapy of probiotic and prebiotice 911
Shraddha Soni and Jai Prakash Singh  
A Case Study  
Weaving in Thenzawl : A case study 916
Lisa Lalmuankimi Pachuau, Ritu Mathur and Kiran Kapoor  
Research Article  
“Yakshi from Didarganj” A Symbol of Beauty and Perfection in Ancient Indian Sculpture 922
Aditi Jain  
Wall art, the traditional way 926
Niti Anand  
Jute- The golden yarn from gunny bags to high fashion 930
Mandeep Kaur