International Journal of Applied Social Science

(An International Double Blind Peer Reviewed / Refereed Research Journal of Social Science)

Vol. 5 (9), September (2018)

UGC Approved Journal

 Impact Factor : 5.734 (SJIF)


Research Paper Page 
Prevalence and practice of self-medication: A study among adult Bengali population from North 24 Parganas of West Bengal, India 1397
Chhandita Basu and Sutapa Chaudhury  
Using Capability Approach to Examine Rural Women’s Engagement with Mobile Diffusion for Health Access and Agriculture Related Services 1415
Neha Yadav, Parveen Pannu and Jyoti Dalal  
A study of values among college students to develop young minds for a better world 1425
R. Neelakandan  
Effect of membership in Self Help Group Bank Linkage Programme on Financial Knowledge, Financial Usage and Economic Empowerment of Rural Women: A study in Ernakulam District    1430
Mini K. Kuzhuvelil and K.G. Makesh  
Use of social media updates children with advancement and technology 1435
Jyoti Mankar and Shamal Parvate  
Quality of new born and child care: A vaccination facility assessment in Rural Berhampore, Murshidabad, and West Bengal, India 1439
Chandan Datta and Sudipta Biswas  
A comparative study of obesity and per cent body fat among the college going girls (18-22 years) 1446
Vandana Mishra  
Nurturing exressional fluency among adolescents: Findings from regression  1450
Jayanti Chakrabarty and Paromita Ghosh  
Emerging approaches to water Governance in Urban areas: Lessons from Phnom Penh and Jakarta  1460
Shahnawaz Khan and L.H.M. Gangte  
A comparative study between two gender groups of home environment: Effect of their emotional intelligence of middle SES adolescents 1473
Phalguni Bhattacharya  
To Study About the Demographic Profile of Brick Kiln Workers of Allahabad, U.P.  1478
Divya Chaturvedi, Razia Parvez and G.S. Shukla  
Happiness, Life Satisfaction and Mental Health among Elderly People 1486
Saranya Sundarraju, N.P. Veenavani and R. Sankar  
The Mâdhymika Doctrine of Úûnyavâda 1492
Ameet Kotwal  
Review Paper  
Correlates of fear of death among late adults: A survey of researches 1499
Ranjeeta Chowdhury and Paromita Ghosh  
Adivasi Histories of India: A Review of Historiography 1510
V.M. Ravi Kumar  
Climate and its impact on agriculture and allied activities: An over view  1521
Jagannath Biswal  
A Case Study  
Portrayal of Women in Religious Texts: Case Study of Buddhist and Brahmanical Text 1529
Pema Choden  
Research Article  
Chinese Central Government Policies in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region and Uyghur Migration 1536
Life-cycle rituals of attappadi tribe, Kerala  1544
A. Bhuvaneswari and RM. Muthu  
Human Rights Concept Through The Ages 1548
C. Chithralatha  
Exploring the Scope of Institutional Economics for the Sustainability 1562
Anup K. Mishra  
Establishment of Medical Institutions in United Provinces (1920-1947) 1573
Becha Lal  
Did the Image of Buddha originate in Gandhara state or in India? 1577
Ven. Panda Wantha  
Mineral based Industry and their issues – Global prospective – A review of Literatures 1582
Prasanta Kumar Guru  
Women’s participation in the Indian Freedom Struggle : A Historical Overview 1592
Ajeet Kumar