International Journal of Applied Social Science

(An International Double Blind Peer Reviewed / Refereed Research Journal of Social Science)

Vol. 5 (12), December (2018)

UGC Approved Journal

 Impact Factor : 5.734 (SJIF)


Research Paper Page 
Depression among Geriatric Population in Gomati District, Tripura 2063
Sumana Majumdar and Tarun Bikash Sukai  
Administrative Problems of Higher Secondary School Head Masters in Theni District 2068
A. Pandiayarajan and R. Neelakandan  
Gender difference in cognitive emotion regulation of anger across developmental stages 2074
Sachin Kumar and Kumkum Pareek  
Differences in hand measurements and intake of energy and macronutrients: One year study among preschool boys from Anganwadi and Kindergarten 2081
Anubha Sahu and Prajakta Nande  
Women enterpreneurship-A prime and creamy dimension of Indian economy employment: With special reference to low income level of Allahabad division U.P. State 2094
Archana Mishra, Niaharika Srivastava and Jagdish Narayan  
Role of NGOs in Commercialization of Agriculture: A Case Study of Boipariguda Block in Koraput District, Odisha    2110
Arup Kumar Mishra and Ranjana Bajpai  
A study of attitude of secondary school teachers towards teaching profession in relation to some demographic variables 2118
Pragya Jha and Sangeeta Shroff  
Rural Women and Gratifications of Television Viewing: A Study in Villupuram District of Tamil Nadu 2122
Beulah Rachel Rajarathnamani  
An analysis on performance and seasonality of Coastal Tourism in West Bengal 2128
Anirban Baitalik and Sankar Majumder  
Violent extremism and education: A study in a tribal village of Junglemahal in West Bengal 2140
Ashim Das and Dipak K. Midya  
A study of emotional maturity and adjustment of school going adolescents 2151
Shweta Singh and Vandana Singh  
Gender Responsive Budgeting: Highlighting micro-implementation of KGBV scheme in Bihar  2155
Arshiya Wadhwa and Sarita Anand  
A study on Menarche age of women with Uterine Leiomyoma 2164
Urmila Vijayan and M.S. Karuna  
Psychological well-being and emotional competence among children living in shelter home and street 2171
Shazia and U.V. Kiran  
An Evaluation of Investor’s Perception towards Public Sector and Private Sector Mutual Funds in India 2174
Ramkrushna Mishra and Shayma Charan Acharya  
Performance of MGNREGA and its impact on rural areas in Chitradurga district of Karnataka State 2202
Y. Meenakshi and D.V. Gopalappa  
Review Paper  
Gender based violence: A systematic review 2209
Sultana Praveen  
Concept of sovereignty: Monism, pluralism and new development in the context of globalisation 2214
Debaditya Das  
Mental health and help seeking behaviour: Qualitative study 2223
Jaya Bharti and Sandeep Verma  
Research Article  
An historical analysis of the development of health infrastructure in the tea gardens of Barak Valley, Assam  2228
Pranay Jyoti Goswami, Ankita Ghosh and Pratik Deb Roy  
Inheritance tax –A strategy to wealth equalities 2235
B. Kalyan Chakravarthy  
Rural Digital India: Towards Learning Society 2243
Amithy Jasrotia and Reenu Arti Thakur  
Dignity of women with Islamic perspective 2249
Parvaiz Yousuf  
Pottery as a traditional family occupation in India: Case study potters at Puri and Kolkata 2254
Payal Bose Biswas  
Suicide trends in Kerala: A sociological understanding 2263
P.U. Leela  
The 101st Constitution Amendment Act, 2016 : A Critical Study 2271
Tanay Kumar Pal and Nazmul Hussain Laskar  
Princely states in colonial India: A historiographical analysis of the trends in modern Indian historical writings 2279
Jigyasa Meena  
2018 Election in Iraq and Result 2285
Memoonah Baig  
Elderly and Old Age Pensions in India 2293
Sultana Parveen  
Rumi: The Sufi Mystic Poet of Persian Language 2302
Zulfikar Ali Ansari  
A Study of Spirometer and Cooper’s 12 min. Run and Walk Physiological Measurement in Relation to the Performance of Free Style Wrestlers 2307
Virender Singh  
Dr. Ambedkar: The Micro-Macro Dichotomy of Basic Rights 2312
Mukesh Kumar Sablania  
Women: Trailblazers of the Lushai-Hills 2322
Sharmila Purkayastha  
Influence of Giuseppe Mazzini on the Life of Lala Lajpat Rai 2329
Raj Kumar  
Transportation of Female Convicts to the Andamans during British Raj 2333
Kaushlendra Kumar Tiwari  
Cause and Effect – Indian Migration to the Gulf Countries 2341
Santosh Kumar Singh Yadav  
The Role of Bania Brokers in Trade and Commercial Networks of the Arabian Sea and Red Sea during Pre-Colonial Times 2347
Sweta Bhardwaj  
Microfinance in Reducing Poverty and Inequality: A Study of Malda District in West Bengal 2354
Pijush Kanti Dev  
Forecast of India’s GDP using ARIMA Model 2365
Pijush Kanti Dev  
Premarital Counseling as a Strategy to Combat Divorce 2375
Mary M.J.  
A Framework of the Context Clue Technique: The Analysis of Jerome K. Jerome’s Symptoms with Reference to the Reading Skills 2380
Gurdeep Singh  
The Widow’s Home 2385
Arpita Giri Singh  
A Cognitive-Affective Perspective on Ego Identity Construction 2391
Inderpreet Sandhu  
Drug Trafficking in the World 2406
Ajay Kr. Upadhyay  
Separatism in Xinjiang and Existential Geopolitics of China 2414
D. K. Shahi  
A Comparative Study of Flowstate between Baseball and Football Players 2425
Sunil Kumar  
A Comparative Study of Flow state between Softball and Baseball Players 2430
Sunil Kumar  
Urban Centers in Ancient Punjab: An Archaeological Study of the Kusâna Period 2435
Ashwani Kumar  
Mercantile Activities of Saraswatbrahmin Merchants in the Late Medieval Malabar 2446
Martiz Kurian  
Land-use Transformation: Challenging Carrying Capacity and Decaying Quality of Life in Nainital Lake Catchment area 2451
Manisha Tripathi  
Comparative Study of the Ways of Coping among Different Ball Game Players of Haryana 2462
Rakesh Malik  
Ubiquitous Adolescents and Cyber Crimes: Stakeholder Roles and Rein-ins 2467
Quazi Ferdoushi Islam  
Vernacular Architecture in India : A Solution to Modern Architecture Aberrations 2473
Karan Meena  
Origin, Development, Decline and Revival of English Drama 2480
Sarita Soni  
Women as Subaltern: A study of Tribal movements from 1757 to 1857 2488
Karan Meena  
Occupational Transition Devoid of Economic Ascendancy: Intergenerational Mobility of Paniyan Communities in Kerala 2495
Jafar K and K Gulam Dasthagir  
Visiting the Women Friendly State Policies 2507
Sushobhona Pal  
Pakistan’s Strive for Strategic Relevance in Central Asia 2513
Aliva Mishra  
Tracing the Emergence of Sustainable Practices in Indian Apparel Industry 2521
Sabrina Sareen  
Conflicts Packaged and Marketed: Conflict Management under Capitalism – The Role of Higher Academic Institutions 2527
Ashok Kumar  
Tension Unveiled: Exploring the India-Pakistan Rivalry’s Impact on South Asia 2531
Dr. Subhash Kumar Baitha  
Knowledge of Nutrition, Food Hygiene and Sanitation Practices in Street Food Sellers’ of Amravati City 2537
Preeti Dharmade  
Western Intervention in the Childbirth Practices in Colonial India: A Historical Perspective 2543
Dipti Tripathi