International Journal of Applied Social Science

(An International Double Blind Peer Reviewed / Refereed Research Journal of Social Science)

Vol. 7 (11&12), November & December (2020)

 Impact Factor : 5.734 (SJIF)        NAAS Rating : 2.61 (2020)


Research Paper Page 
A Survey on Stigma Related to Mental Health, and Prevalence of Depressive Symptoms among Private and Government Senior Secondary School Girls in Delhi 484
Kriti Kelkar and Rajni Sahni  
Awareness and Use of E-Resources by MBBS Students in Government Medical College, Jammu 495
Pramod Kumar Singh and Shivangi Gupta  
Monitoring of Landuse and Landcover Changes in a Part of Central Ganga Plains of Uttar Pradesh using Remote Sensing and GIS 502
Anurag Singh and K. Nageswara Rao  
A Study on Employability in the Iron Foundry Enterprises of Howrah  508
Avik Roy  
MGNREGP Impact on Empowerment of Rural Women 517
P. Subbarama Raju  
Estimation of Water Scarcity in Bundelkhand Region of Madhya Pradesh: An Inter-District Analysis    524
Ghanshyam Singh Yadav  
A Study on Customers Perception and Risk Factors towards Credit Cards 538
Manjeet Kumari  
Assessing Levels of Development in Gandak Diara Villages: A Case Study of West Champaran District of Bihar 542
Manendra Kumar and Vijay Kumar Baraik  
The Role of Forensic Speaker Identification in Establishing Sexual Victimization of a Scheduled Caste Woman: A Case Study 548
M. Hemalatha and M. Srinivasan  
Spatial Analysis of Amenities in North Kashmir of Jammu and Kashmir 555
Saiema Ali, Harmeet Singh and Tariq Ahmad Lone  
Mining as Regional Development Led Vulnerability: A Case Study of Rural Areas of Raniganj Coalfield Region 560
Hena Khatoon and Vijay Kumar Baraik  
Atrocities against Women- Question to Ponder Over  571
Meenu Singh  
Research Article  
Islamic Insurgency troubles Russia’s North Caucasus 575
Anima Sonkar  
Buddhist Arts of India 581
Issues and Challenges for Promoting Productive Employment in Tajikistan 585
MSME Sector and Covid – 19: Strength, Challenges and Opportunities 591
Shristi Purwar  
Kautilya’s Arthasastra 595
Bajinder Singh  
Yoga to Manage Stress and Sports Performance 601
Biswajit Bhunia  
Ambedkar and Kanshi Ram: A Comparative Study of Ideology on Caste Perspective 605
Mukesh Chandra  
Ujjain Mahakaleshvar Jyotirlinga (M.P.) 611
Uzbekistan towards planned Development after Islam Karimov 613
Shahid Tasleem  
An Assessment of the Changing Scenario of Common Property Land Resources in Sonbhadra District 620
Mahendra Yadav  
Changing Cropping Pattern in Haryana: A Temporal Analysis of Major crops (1966-2019) 627
Impact of Ibadhism on Omani Politics 633
Ajay Kr. Upadhyay  
Vulnerability to Climate Change and Adaptation : A Case Study of Fresh Water Swamps and Wetlands of Doon Valley and Siwaliks 639
D. K. Shahi  
A Perceptive Journey through Postmodernism 648
Rochna Mittal  
Competency based HRM: A Strategic Tool for Competitive Advantage 656
Madhu Lika  
Stress Coping Strategies Adopted by Male and Female Adolescents 667
Tatheer Fatma  
Wittgenstein in Transition 1929 – 33: The Notion of Thought (Gedanke) 670
Sushobhona Pal  
An Analysis on Adoption and Awareness of Child Rearing Practices by Urban Mothers : A Study in Bhubaneswar City- Odisha 678
Rashmita Behera and Gayatri Biswal